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After 1 January 2022, it was forbidden to use fossil oil for heating and drying on construction sites. We are specialists in the rental of fossil-free water-borne heat, and supply solutions for environmentally friendly building heating with effects from 9kW to 7000 kW. The future requires energy-efficient, emission-free and safe solutions. The benefits are many, and can provide everything from better operations, economy, working environment, quality and reduced construction time.

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With over 10 years’ experience in renting temporary heat to construction sites, Energy Rents are technical experts in heat pumps and water-borne heat. We deliver weekly specially adapted projects where the customer has specific wishes for effect, temperature and design.

We have the knowledge required to choose the equipment that suits you best, and the expertise required to deliver quickly and efficiently.

We are focused on being a modern and environmentally friendly company, which complies with tomorrow’s requirements.

Long and diverse experience

The correct temperature is critical in many cases. Mobile heat sources ensure rapid heating, and meet the requirement for higher output during construction. Environmentally friendly solutions ensure that suppliers of technically permanent facilities can keep their warranty on completion.

In 2018, we delivered a project with waterborne heat to Greverud Torget. Through underfloor heating, temporary convectors, fans and temporary pipes, we ensured drying and construction of floors in record time.

Several advantages

There are several advantages to using environmentally friendly building heating in the form of a water-borne system. One of the advantages is that the system is often a common heating centre, which helps to limit the operation to a limited area, this results in, among other things, only one space being filled with fuel. Our central heating systems are built according to quality requirements, with integrated pumps, expansion and control. Everything is monitored in our portal for safe and smooth operation

If the building allows it, underfloor heating can be used during construction of the building. This will provide a significantly better indoor climate, as fans that stir up dust on the construction site will be limited.

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Solutions for many heating needs on construction sites

Dry moisture from buildings

Frost protection, defrosting

Heating of facade

Building drying

Construction sites


Dry materials and concrete

Work rigs / Living room

Large constructions

And much more

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