Chemical cleaning of heating systems

Kjemisk rens av varmeanlegg

Chemical cleaning of heating systems!

There are many reasons to carry out chemical cleaning of heating systems, and two good ones are longevity and energy.

New heating systems

We often see that new heating systems are put together without cleaning the system before it is put into operation. You may then experience dirt and particles entering pipes and equipment during installation.
If you don’t clean the heating system, this could be left behind and be carried around by the water flow.

Small particles will then act like sandpaper and you can get both erosion and corrosion as well as operational problems with pumps and other equipment.
In addition, particles will be able to collect where the mass flow is narrowed, as in, for example, heat exchangers. If there is accumulation of particles in heat exchangers, will this in turn lead to higher pressure loss, poorer heat transfer and finally increased operating costs.

Older heating system

For older facilities, much of the same applies as mentioned above, but here the problems are often more complex.
Development of scaling, particles of corrosion, and biofilm are important causes of operational problems and poor economy. Before we start with chemical cleaning, we always carry out an inspection of the facility and assess the medium via a laboratory.

We carry out chemical cleaning of, among other things:
* Heating and cooling system
* Heat exchangers
* Dry coolers

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