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Building dryers and building heating - endless possibilities

Building dryers and building heating for many occasions

Environmentally friendly methods for building drying and building heating on Norwegian building sites are current topics – especially after the ban on using fossil fuel sources. We at Energy Rent have for several years supplied fossil-free heating and drying solutions to our construction customers.


Endless possibilities

We have everything from small electric construction dryers to large diesel and gas dryers. Fossil-free energy sources for dry building and building heating that can be used are heat pumps, bio-diesel/bio-gas, pellets/chips, or electric heat.


Rent an electric heater as a building dryer

Electric heaters, or water-borne electric boilers, are the simplest and cheapest solutions. An electric heater is very compact and easy to move and several can be placed outside the building to spread the power connection/need. These are affordable to rent and easy to use. An electric boiler is compact and can offer great power with a small footprint.

We also have larger electric heating centers. We recently delivered a 410kW electric heating center with monitoring to a partner.


Advantages of the electric construction dryer

An electric building dryer is emission-free, has a ceramic PTC heating element, and has a compact dimension. They have a light 2-stage adjustable heating effect with step-less temperature control from + 5 degrees Celsius to + 40 degrees Celsius. They have a built-in temperature limit with automatic reset, and protection against overheating.


Heat pump for building heating

A heat pump can also be used as a building heater or a building dryer. We supply different heat pumps: air-to-air, air-to-water, and water-to-water heat pumps, each of which has different characteristics.

We were asked to supply environmentally friendly and emission-free building heating during rehabilitation. The best solution was to use a mobile air-to-water heat pump with an integrated tank, peak load, and advanced control/monitoring.


Bio boilers as building dryers and building heating

Bio boilers are preferred by larger construction sites and industries. We can supply equipment that burns bio-gas, bio-oil, and pellets/chips. A bio boiler requires little electricity and is well suited for larger projects and for urgent needs.


Building dryer K160

A mobile diesel-powered construction dryer that is well suited for industry, construction, and larger events. The construction dryer has a heat capacity of 145kW and is therefore well suited to larger assignments.


Building dryer DG45

A gas-powered construction dryer that immediately emits heat immediately. The construction heater has a heating capacity from 22kW to 45kW. 

Utslippsfri oppvarming rehabilitering

We help you throughout the entire project

We have personnel with high competence and extensive experience in renting out temporary and mobile heating. Our specialists are flexible and good at adapting tailor-made solutions to satisfy each individual’s needs. We are ready to help you with installation and operation, and we are available and assist during the entire rental period. All equipment is monitored remotely, which gives us the opportunity to respond quickly if something should arise along the way.

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