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Ice rink

Dry cooler for use for refrigeration or free cooling

Fossil-free building heat on construction sites

Refinery - Rental of mobile steam boiler to customer.

Mobile steam boiler rental for any occasion

Cooling of server rooms

Building dryers and building heating - endless possibilities

Heating oli system for multiple purposes

Rental cooling machine mounted on the roof of the customer's building.

Rental refrigeration machines

Kilfrost GEO - environmentally friendly geoenergy

Heat exchanger selection

Heat pump installed on the roof at the customer's location.

Heat Pump for Lower Energy Demand

Cooling of data center with rental unit from Energy Rent

Data center cooling

The right temperature in fish farms

Rent Ventilation

Heat transfer to customer - Energy Rent.

Experts in Temporary Heat Transfer at Energy Rent

Fossil-Free Construction Site

Rental of fossil-free heating for your construction site

Cleaning of Heat Exchanger

Chemical cleaning of heating systems

Bilde av bygg, miljøvennlig byggvarme

Rental of emission-free and fossil-free construction heating

Image of mobile ventilation at the location

Rental of Mobile Ventilation

Image of a fish cage in the sea

Water temperature is crucial in fish farming


Mobile heating and cooling unit for ventilation

Bilde av lagerbyggning

Rental of Cooling and Ventilation for Warehouses

Barn på mobil isbane levert av Energy Rent

Ice rink at Winter Week 2022

Midlertidig kjøleenhet montert hos kunde

Temporary Cold Storage

Mobilt dampanlegg montert hos kunde

Rental of mobile steam installations

Fossilfri Byggvarme

Heat Pumps and Fossil-Free Building Heating

Bilde av tørrkjøler

Rent dry cooler for immediate delivery

Bilde av mobil pumpemodul

Pump Rental

Rental Solutions for Cooling


Correct temperature in the hall

Bilde av barn dom driver med curling.

Curling Rental

Utleie av ventilasjon og luftrensing

Ventilation and Air Purification Rental

Maintenance of Heat Exchangers

Utleie av mobilt ventilasjonssystem

Rental of Industrial Portable Air Conditioning

Ice rink anywhere!

Oversiktsbilde av bondegård

Emergency refrigeration - Immediate delivery of refrigeration equipment

Waterborne heating as a heating method

Rental solution for cooling machine

Rental of Waterborne Heating

Fossil-Free Building Heat at Construction Sites

Cooling container placed at the work area.

Renting a cooling unit

Bilde av ventilasjonaggregat hos kunde

Renting ventilation for businesses and industrial facilities

Portable Air Conditioning Rental

Under-soil heating for artificial turf and football pitches

Cooling of data center with rental unit from Energy Rent

Optimal cooling for data centers


Rent ventilation during rehabilitation

bilde av kjølemaskin montert hos kunde

Efficient rental of cooling systems

Environmentally friendly construction heating

Truck loaded with equipment from Energy Rent.

Heating and cooling for testing equipment

We heat or cool your events

Rental of mobile heat exchanger to industry.

Heat Exchanger Rental

byggtørker produktbilde

Choose the right building dryer

Fossilfri byggvarme varmepumpe85LL

Fossil-free building heating

Rental of mobile heating systems

Mobile Heat Centre – Rent or Purchase?

Choosing Heat Exchangers

Mobilt ventilasjonanlegg

Rent a Heat Pump

Vannbåren varme

Rent Heat Plant

Rental of fossil-free heating for your construction site


Kilfrost K400 - Pneumatic Antifreeze

Rent Pumps

Image of facility at customer site.

Clean-In-Place for VVX and GA

Bilde av tørrkjøler

Rent Cooling

Pellet Plant Rentals

The advantage of Kilfrost fluids

Produktbilde av flere heatboyer

Electric boiler – a versatile tool

Correct vegetable storage at the correct temperature

Product image of heater.

Mobile heater rental

Fotballbane midlertidig undervarme

Create the right climate for your sports facility with mobile heating

Mobile ice rink

Rental of heat container

Rental of Ventilation Unit

Dry cooler for cooling or free cooling

Rental of heat exchangers


Rental of fossil-free heating for your construction sites


Rental of Portable Air Conditioning

Midlertidig ventilasjon til barnehage

Portable heat pump for tough conditions


Rental of ventilation units

Girl on one of Energy Rent's mobile ice rinks in Stavanger.

We deliver turnkey ice rinks

Mining overview image of the site area

Temporary rental of units for mining operations

Steam System Rentals

Rental of mobile heat exchanger to industry

Rental of mobile heat exchangers for industry

Cooling container placed at the work area.

Heating or cooling problems?