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Ice rink

Emergency cooling for buildings

Mobile ice rink in Stavanger City Center

Replace Customer's Cooling System

Temporary Cold Storage

Temporary cooling solution for businesses

Heating machine on request from customer

Utleie Kjøleaggregat

Pressure Testing of Nitrogen Tank

Heating of Aquaculture Facilities

Cooling of Technical Room

Diesel boiler in back-up

Rental of Tap Water for Hotel

Rental of mobile cooling system for production

Rental of temporary cooling for hospitals

Rental of temporary cooling for office buildings

Rental of cooling for warehouse

Rental of mobile heating central for school heating

Rental of Cooling for Offshore Compressor

Rental of underfloor heating

Bilde av montert mobil isbane i Stavanger Sentrum

Energy and Environmentally Friendly Ice Rink in Jæren

Rental of chiller for salmon farming

Heat absorption via heat exchanger to heat pump

Cooling of film set for ¨The Snowman¨ by Jo Nesbø

Temporary cooling of Sørlandssenteret

Mobile district heating

Mobile Cooling Machine Rental

Picture of a high school

Temporary Building Heat for Tønsberg

250 kW Cooling for Excess Heat in Production

Automatic Seawater Filter for Heat Pump in Stavanger

Picture of a high school

Emission-Free Heating for Tu School

Glycol for District Heating Plant

Bilde av tørrkjøler

Cooling via dry cooler at Grødland Biogas Plant

Mobile Cooling of Server Room

Vannbåren varme

Emission-free mobile heating plant for Tau

Picture of a high school

Rental of mobile ventilation system

Heat pump rental for the defense during Covid - 19

Rental of mobile cooling systems for hospitals during Covid-19

Rental of mobile hot oil plant for soap production

Rental of mobile heating system for the aquaculture industry

Utleie av mobilt kjøleanlegg

Rental of mobile cooling system for cooling ice rinks

Temporary Heating of Aquaculture Facility

Temporary ice rink in Stavanger city center

Mobile Ice Rink in Bryne city center

Renting of Ventilation Systems for Halls

Emission-free mobile heating plant for building heat

Chemical cleaning of radiator

Chemical cleaning of seawater heat exchangers

Eco-friendly temporary heating of construction site

Fossil-free heating during rehabilitation

Data Center Cooling Rental

Rental of steam plant for testing

Steam Boiler and Cooling Machine for Project in Northern Norway

Heat Exchanger for Testing Equipment on Johan Castberg FPSO

Cooling with refrigeration system for research station

Mobile Ice Rink for ¨Winter Week 2022¨ in Randaberg

Cooling for Stavanger Concert Hall

Heat supply to Gardemoen Terminal North


Rental of mobile steam plant at 2000kg/H

Rental of mobile heat exchanger to industry.

Rental of mobile titanium heat exchanger

Rental of mobile heating plant for wood drying

Emission-Free Building Heat During Rehabilitation

Rental of temporary heating for Ballan wrasse production

Rental of mobile hot oil system for glue production

Temporary cooling for the aquaculture industry

Fossil-free heating for the new Jordal Amfi

Image of mobile ventilation at the location

Rental of mobile heat pump for engine cooling

Emission-free heating with mobile heat pump

Heatboy for testing of pipes cast in concrete elements

Waterborne Heat Pump for Office Heating

bilde av kjølemaskin montert hos kunde

Cooling of office building for several hundred employees

Temporary Hot Oil System Delivered Quickly

Testing of cooling system with 2500kW heating plant

Testing of the customer's cooling machine

Ventilation System for Sports Hall

New cooling system when the customer was no longer allowed to use city water

Water to water chiller for temperature control