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Get a good offer for steam hire

We have steam boilers from 400 kg/h to over 16,000 kg/h which can be quickly delivered and installed, and which are flexible in use.

We have a wide and large product stock, which makes it possible to adapt and tailor flexible solutions. The steam boilers can also be supplied with water treatment systems and external tank systems.

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We are available and can deliver within 24 hours. You don't have to worry about installation, we'll handle it.

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We have extensive experience, and our skilled experts will help you find the right solution.

Steam for every occasion

Energy Rent AS are experts in renting mobile solutions for steam.

Whatever the purpose, we have the solution for your occasion.

One of our customers had an urgent problem with their own steam system. From the time we were contacted until we had delivered a mobile steam plant of 2000kg/h, less than 24 hours passed.

Long and wide experience

In 2017, we delivered a steam plant that produced seven tonnes of steam per hour to a major refinery.

We have also delivered to smaller projects, where, among other things, we have delivered equipment in the form of steam installations to test industrial dehumidifiers.

We have the ability to deliver the size and quantity required to satisfy your exact needs.

The best solutions

We recently delivered a steam boiler and cooling machine to a project in Northern Norway.

We can deliver tailor-made solutions according to customer requirements, to satisfy their needs. We can deliver within short deadlines, regardless of location.


We are available throughout Europe

Energy Rent provides mobile, emission-free solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, and steam, tailored to companies across various industries. In critical moments, we deliver safe and reliable solutions that keep operations running.

Solutions that fit everywhere

Thermal power plant
The paper industry
Heating plant
Motor ship
And much more

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