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Cooling of server rooms

Without adequate cooling, it can get very hot in the computer room/server room. If the cooling fails, there is a high probability that the server will fail. In this section, we will look at some simple steps you can take to reduce the heat in your computer room or server room.

Manufacturers usually state something called MTBF, which means "Mean Time Between Failure". MTBF is a number that indicates how many failures occur after a certain number of operating hours. This number changes when the operating conditions deviate from those tested by the manufacturer.

In addition to the fact that the server may stop working immediately if the operating temperature is too high, the heat will have a negative impact on the service life of the components. Errors in the CPU (processor), PSU (power supply), RAM (memory), HD (HD/SSD) such as read-write errors, and faulty video cards are not uncommon at high temperatures.

The heat usually comes from; the server itself (components), electronics such as lights, and the environment/ventilation.

To bring down the temperature on the server or in the computer room, you can start by checking;

  • Are there lights or other basic heat sources?
  • Do you have ventilation and is it sufficient?
  • Is the sun directly on the window without blinds or other protection from the sun?
  • Are all the fans in the server's cabinet running?
  • Do you have a cooling machine? Is this running?
  • Have changes been made to the computer room, such as adding more equipment?

There are probably several reasons for failures, but these are probably the most common.

If there is an urgent need for cooling, it's good to know that Energy Rent can deliver cooling with express. We can deliver from 3kW and up to 500kW from our own warehouse and even larger via our suppliers.

Cooling of small server rooms

If the server room is small, the KM7 can work perfectly as a data room cooler. Note that this is a completely different version than the traditional KM3.3 mobile cooling units.

The advantage of the KM7 is that it comes with an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The hoses that go in between are pre-filled with glycol and can be delivered in lengths of up to 30 meters! This gives you much greater flexibility when it comes to dumping the heat. The hot part can be hung from the supplied chains out of the window if you wish. This is plug`n play at its very best. Plug in a 230V socket, connect the indoor unit and outdoor unit using powerful quick connectors and press start. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Cooling of larger server rooms

When it comes to cooling server rooms above a certain size, we can supply, for example, a combination of Chiller KM 100 Cool FC ECO BI and AC 150C/H. This provides a powerful cooling solution for the server room. The chiller itself comes with two compressors and has a built-in free cooling function for cost-effective operation.

The ventilation unit comes with a built-in frequency converter and dust filter. We can also supply four 500 mm flexible ventilation pipes for optimal air distribution.

We have even larger cooling systems than this too, so please contact us for more information.

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