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Correct temperature in the hall

Energy Rent are experts in heatingcooling and ventilation. We ensure the correct temperature in the hall. In addition to renting out the best equipment on the market, we also provide permanent solutions for your needs. If you are building a hall, we are ready with what you need.

All types of halls

We provide the correct temperature and indoor environment in everything from sports halls to flight hangars. With expertise in heating and cooling, you can be sure that you get the best product from us. Size and content are no obstacle, we have solutions that can be adapted for all purposes.

If you are uncertain about what needs you have, our highly qualified personnel support you with planning and design at a detailed level. We help you all the way to the optimal conditions.

Quick Solutions

Energy Rent has good experience with fast delivery of necessary solutions. For example, a large player in the fish farming industry in 2019 was expecting large amounts of fish, and the heating system to heat up the water from 2 to 10 degrees was not ready. Then we delivered a temporary solution that got the job done quickly and easily. Using adaptable products we solved the problem efficiently, and the fish farm was able to receive the fish as planned.

Mobile Products

We are specialists in mobile rental products. We rent out everything from mobile heating containers with capacity up to 4000 kW - to small and compact air conditioners.

It is important for us to offer a flexible and broad assortment, so that we can offer specific and optimal solutions to any need in heating, cooling and ventilation. In addition to economic and energy-efficient advantages for you, customized solutions are also the way to go for a greener future. All the products in our portfolio can be utilized in an environmentally friendly way, and we are proud to already be adapting to the environmental considerations the market wishes to take.

Our expertise at your disposal

Whether you need cooling for a warehouse, heating for a workshop hall, or ventilation for a football hall, we deliver the correct temperature in the hall. We supply both permanent and temporary products, in all sizes. Our wide competence and product portfolio enable us to tailor solutions to suit your needs in the most effective way. Energy Rent has the knowledge and experience needed for the best possible result. Contact us to discuss what you need for your hall!

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