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Dry cooler for use for refrigeration or free cooling

A dry cooler is flexible and has multiple uses, making it advantageous for cooling energy sources or for free cooling applications. The dry cooler cools water in a closed system without coming into contact with the outside air, using powerful fans. Dry coolers come in many different varieties, which can make it difficult to find the best fit for each project – also because a dry cooler has many factors to consider.

A dry cooler is often used together with a cooling system, a heat pump, or when testing heating or cooling equipment, where the dry cooler effectively needs to remove excess heat. We understand that all projects require different adaptations, and finding the right equipment can be challenging. Therefore, our specialists work every day to design turnkey solutions down to the smallest detail that meet customer needs, to achieve the best possible result. A dry cooler also provides inexpensive and simple options for free cooling, which means that you do not need an operating cooling system and without using electricity to operate the dry cooler.

Cooling of Facilities

Energy Rent was contacted by IVAR IKS during the construction of a biogas plant for various types of food waste and sludge at Grødland in Rogaland. We then delivered 6 dry coolers with glycol and a number of plate exchangers to cool the facility. The plant is one of Norway’s largest biogas plants and was completed in 2015.

There are Many Advantages to a Dry Cooler

A dry cooler is relatively large and space-consuming, but on the other hand, it is very flexible in use and capacity regulation. Some dry coolers can be mounted both indoors and outdoors and are closed systems, which protects the facility. A dry cooler requires glycol in the water circuit, but in return, it is almost maintenance-free and very advantageous for heat recovery, making the dry cooler beneficial for cooling or free cooling.

Backup System, Emergency Solution, or Testing

We often deliver rental equipment for acute or emergency situations in a short time. We have, among other things, urgently delivered a dry cooler to Stavanger University Hospital. With extensive experience in emergency rentals, we can quickly set up customized solutions that meet the customer's specific needs. Together with a large rental park and fast delivery, we can in most cases deliver equipment for any occasion within 24 hours. Energy Rent has also for several years provided and assisted customers with the right rental solution for testing. Need a dry cooler for testing heating systems? We deliver customized solutions for the best possible testing of your system.

Mobile Dry Cooler DC 250 and DC 1000

We have several different mobile dry coolers in our rental park. The DC 250 dry cooler is a smaller dry cooler that can regulate airflow in 3 steps and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The DC 1000, which is a larger mobile dry cooler, can on the other hand regulate airflow in 12 different steps.

24-Hour Staffed Emergency Hotline

At Energy Rent, we have over ten years of experience in renting out dry coolers. Whether it's planned or urgent, we can assist you with the best solutions to meet your needs.
We have a staffed emergency hotline that can be used at any time, should accidents or crises occur. Contact us for a discussion about renting a dry cooler.

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