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Cooling container placed at the work area.

Heating or cooling problems?

Crises can occur. Do not let fire, large amounts of water, or equipment failure disrupt operations more than necessary. We can help with the rapid delivery of equipment that meets your needs to quickly restore operations.

Energy Rent has skilled personnel who, together with our extensive rental equipment and their specialization in temperature control, can help solve cooling and heating problems in various crisis situations quickly and efficiently.

We help keep emergencies as short as possible with emergency cooling and heating. Many businesses rely on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, freezing, and process cooling to prevent major damage. If a crisis occurs that leads to cooling – or heating problems, it can result in fatal consequences.

We have a large inventory of rental equipment, including equipment for emergency cooling if your own equipment fails. We customize and adapt a facility specifically to your needs, and install and deliver as quickly as possible. In our equipment park, we have everything from mobile cooling units to heat exchangers and air conditioning – all to handle your cooling and heating problems.

Long Experience

We were contacted when a farmer experienced cooling problems in his cooling room. He struggled with failure in his own equipment. We quickly delivered a mobile cooling unit so that the farmer could store his crops at the correct temperature – and avoid throwing out the vegetables.

We have also recently provided heat to an aquaculture facility, where the customer needed rapid heating of water. The customer was expecting large quantities of fish, but had heating problems with warming up large enough amounts of water that were drawn from a nearby river.

Available 24/7

Our skilled colleagues are ready to help in all emergencies, no matter the time of day. Cooling and heating problems can arise at any time and usually give no warning.

Prepared for the Unexpected

Although cooling and heating problems come unexpectedly, such emergencies can be handled more effectively and quickly if there is a plan for how such situations should be managed. We are available if you wish to discuss your preparedness plan with us.

Together, we can develop and arrange an action plan for what to do if cooling and heating problems arise. Should the problems occur, we will already have a plan for how to handle them quickly, so that costs and time associated with the cooling and heating problems are kept as small as possible.

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