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Ice rink anywhere!

We deliver turnkey mobile ice rinks with solutions that guarantee safe ice, completely without complications.

Icebreaker is a concept by Energy Rent AS – one of Norway's leading companies in temporary heating and cooling.

The ice rink can be built exactly where you wish, making the ice rink the natural meeting place. A mobile ice rink provides an attractive city center that includes physical activity and unity, perfect for school classes, kindergartens and other social gatherings for groups.

« – We are trying to create life and activity in Bryne center. Participating in this ice rink is in our core area, so we did not take long to decide to join when Christian came to us with the idea, says Olav Hetland, head of Brynes Vel.»


We deliver complete packages

Energy Rent AS delivers mobile Icebreaker ice rink, subfloor, assembly and disassembly and training of operating personnel for ice maintenance. This season has been a great success at indoor skating rinks. An indoor ice rink guarantees use, regardless of weather and wind!

The possibilities and options are many, and we are more than happy to help you tailor the best solution for your dream scenario, if options and changes from the basic package are desired. Options are:

  • Tent
  • Skates
  • Skating aids
  • IceByk packages
  • Curling
  • Ice maintenance with scraper/brush machine
  • Plexi – sideline boards
  • Light and sound either as basic lighting/sound system or with colored light, disco ball and better sound.
  • Shooting range shaped like a circle, walkway or as a slide. The ice rink can also be set up indoors.
  • Sales wagon.


Advertising opportunities on finished ice rinks

A mobile ice rink is a perfect marketing tool to create buzz around your event.

The advertising opportunities to acquire potential sponsors are numerous. The illustration shows examples of advertising opportunities for an ice rink of 150m2. Potential sponsors could be banks, insurance companies, developers, food-, hotel- or building supply chains, power/energy – companies, event services, staffing companies and local business chains.

Several of the Icebreaker ice rinks we have delivered in the past have been used in sports oriented events. For example, an ice hockey tournament has been held on the ice in downtown Stavanger, and figure skating shows on the bank rink at Ruten in Sandnes. We are happy to help you with marketing tips.



Volunteer work from local sports arenas provides great opportunities for both community and engagement on the ice rink, as well as being able to raise extra funds for the sports club. Sales wagons with kiosk items for sale can create a nice gathering place for parents and grandparents. Preferably where it is possible to buy a cup of hot coffee and a cookie while watching the kids.

It's a true joy to see how the kids have fun on the ice says Svein Sørnes, managing director of the Village Association.
The ice rink gives schools and other groups a great opportunity to vary the activities. Several schools and kindergartens have used the mobile Icebreaker rinks for gym classes, but also just to do something social a bit out of the ordinary.

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