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Maintenance of Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are the very lifeblood of a heating system. Therefore, it is extremely important with proper maintenance of heat exchangers. We at Energy Rent know how important maintenance is and are ready to assist with your heating system.

Heat exchangers ensure efficient heat transfer between different media and fluids. It has many small channels to ensure efficient transfer over the largest possible area. Having many channels also makes it susceptible to particles, corrosion and dirt in the system. This can clog and create coatings on plates which in turn leads to poorer transfer. This will require an increase in temperature and financially make it more expensive to operate the heat exchanger. This happens over time in most systems, and therefore control and possible cleaning are vital to ensure an economical and reliable system.


We have extensive experience with sizing different exchangers and can check both fluid and thermal if your exchanger delivers the intended performance. We also clean our own rental equipment, exchangers and systems for customers. In our assortment we have mobile cleaning systems (CIP) with filter, heat, strong pump and "flow reversal". When this is combined with the right chemicals for the job, we ensure a good result.

Replace Gaskets

In a heating system, gaskets get worn due to age, operation, particles and temperature. The plates get a coating and suddenly the heat exchanger becomes the weakest link in the system and now functions as a filter that absorbs all the "dirt". When this occurs, the performance and efficiency of the entire system reduce significantly. By using a CIP, the performance is restored and it prevents unplanned downtime. We at Energy Rent can provide all CIP, spare parts and the actual execution of the maintenance job.

Chemical Cleaning

We had a customer who experienced a drop in building heat due to magnetite in the radiators. We then conducted a thermography of the radiators, both before and after, and this revealed major challenges with the heat transfer. We then spent two days with chemical cleaning where we "flushed" the entire building including pumps, underfloor heating, radiators and the piping system. After this, the performance was restored and the customer no longer had to wear long-johns and a hat inside. This shows the importance of good maintenance of heat exchangers

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