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Rent Heat Plant

Mobile Heat Plant

We offer flexible rental options for mobile heat plants that meet your capacity needs. Our mobile heat plants can be powered by various energy sources, including gas, oil, bio-oil, electricity, and pellets.

A mobile heat plant for rental primarily consists of an ISO container, burner, boiler, pump, and control panel. It serves as an external boiler room and may sometimes have an integrated tank for more convenient placement on-site. We have delivered mobile heat plants with capacities ranging from 50 kW to over 7 MW in some projects.

Who can rent a heat plant? There is a wide range of renters, from football clubs (under-soil heating for the turf), hospitals, production and industry, to construction and building industries. A common factor among all our clients is that they discover the opportunity to rent such equipment, even though many did not know this was an alternative solution before.

We understand that environmentally friendly solutions are increasingly important for our customers. Therefore, we also offer rentals of heat pumps, which are a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative. Heat pumps utilize energy from the surroundings to produce heat, offering significant benefits with lower energy consumption and reduced emissions. Our range of mobile heat pumps can meet various needs and sizes, providing reliable and efficient heating in line with today's environmental standards. We are dedicated to offering sustainable solutions that help reduce our environmental impact while meeting our customers' needs for warmth and comfort.

Contact us today, and we will help you find the best solution for renting a heat plant.

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