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Rent Ventilation

What do you have to consider when renting ventilation?

Rental ventilation can be relevant in many different types of projects. In case of urgent needs in the event of a sudden shutdown, or a more planned operation, it is good to be aware that you can get help by renting ventilation from Energy Rent.

For many years, we have helped our customers with the delivery of clean, fresh air and can also help with both heating and cooling.

Rent ventilation

When you are going to start with rental ventilation, there are several things you have to take care of. First, the air capacity must be determined, and here Energy Rent can help with the dimensioning. The desired amount of air is usually seen in relation to the volume and duct network. Furthermore, it must be assessed whether there is an emergency with balanced ventilation.

Installation of ventilation rental

In order to be able to offer the best solution for the project, one should consider whether cooling or heating is needed. It doesn’t help if we have enough if you don’t have enough airflow if it’s too cold or too hot. In addition, it should be clarified that there is the right voltage and enough current on the site.

Correct dimension of hoses or spiro, depending on what is used, is also important.

Here you will find our ventilation systems 

Best practice when you rent ventilation

In order to calculate the correct ventilation system, there are several factors that must be taken into account. Information such as m3/h, the desired room temperature, where the ventilation system will be installed, are there existing ducts, should there be balanced ventilation, and las but not least, the amount of heating and cooling needs.

Utleie ventilasjon med varmepumpe fra Energy Rent AS

What often does not come across well enough is the degree of filtration of the air. This is an important point when it comes to a good indoor climate, but also to ensure good and safe operation. Here, different applications will have different requirements and needs.

Different needs for ventilation

Hospitals, for example, often have very strict requirements for ventilation. A point in this context is that the type of heat recovery unit must be carefully considered. The classic rotating heat exchanger does not normally meet the requirements set by hospitals. An office building will normally have around 20 degrees and balanced ventilation to avoid excess or negative pressure. Air filtration is required to ensure a good indoor environment.

Another example is a data center or server room. These usually need a temperature of around 20 degrees to ensure favorable conditions for technical equipment. There is rarely a need for fresh air. But there are strict requirements for filtration and air humidity.

Filter changer for rental ventilation

If you want to ventilate a tent or hall, there will often be poorer insulation values. Furthermore, there is not always a requirement or desire for fresh air, but this group would like a certain temperature. So it is important that temperature control and handling of condensation, peak loads, etc. are in place.

1. The ventilation unit

As we have seen, a ventilation unit has many tasks. The ventilation unit mainly consists of a pressure fan, suction fan, heat recovery unit, coil for cooling or heating and control. In our rental fleet, we have ventilation units with an integrated compressor, evaporator, condenser, refrigerant, and expansion valve. That way, we can deliver heating, cooling, and fresh air, all in one package.

Fossilfri byggvarme varmepumpe85LL
Rental of ventilation from Energy Rent AS

We assist both with planning and adjustments, and we can easily change rental ventilation if this is necessary. A mobile plant can be started quickly as the equipment arrives fully tested and ready for use. We also have all kinds of accessories such as flexible 500mm spiro channels and much more for quick installation and operation.

In most cases we will be able to have operations within 24 hours of order!

2. Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance of rental ventilation are important and involve a standard check of filters, fans, ducts, valves, and temperatures.

Ask us about a good service partner in your area, we have a wide network in Norway that can carry this out. In the event of planned or unplanned downtime, it can be beneficial to rent a temporary facility, Energy Rent will be happy to help you rent ventilation for your project.

Service and maintenance on ventilation rentals

For ventilation systems that have integrated cooling, F-gas and service on the cooling circuit are required. Major repairs and replacements of components or machines may also be necessary. Not to forget the various refrigerants that are being phased out and must be replaced by new types with better GWP (Global warming potential).

3. Transportation

Our ventilation equipment is ready for delivery, and after a test and check it can be sent straight to you at the agreed time by truck. The ventilation system can be sent in your own car for fast delivery, or as a combined load for the most reasonable shipping cost.

The ventilation systems and accessories are made for rough use. Our equipment is intended for outdoor placement in all types of weather. The ventilation systems are either placed in robust frames or in containers. This ensures simple, fast, and safe moving of the equipment for both loading and unloading and outside the project during assembly. We have a wide selection of modular mobile ventilation systems that ensure you have available equipment to hire ventilation from us.

Ventilation rentals by Energy Rent AS

We transport rental ventilation all over the Nordic region through our shipping partners, and can always deliver very quickly. We often use Google Maps to estimate delivery times. We have a 24/7 emergency telephone that is there for you, whenever you need it.

4. Rent ventilation from Energy Rent AS

A rental agreement offers many advantages for you as a customer. This ensures fast delivery, access to a large selection of equipment, and the opportunity to try out different types of equipment and power needs. You don’t have to tie up capital in investments, but you pay ongoing rent that can be terminated whenever you wish after an agreed commitment.

In the event of a shutdown, we replace the equipment with another machine and ensure continued operation. If you are going to expand production, have a large project, or are moving in the near future, renting ventilation from Energy Rent could be a good solution for you.

Rent ventilation from Energy Rent AS

In addition, you get a professional team which got your back, who will assist with technical preparation, assembly, and operation. The vast majority of our machines have remote monitoring with alarms, and quick emergency response if an accident should occur.

If you do not have suitable personnel or do not wish to operate the system, we will also take care of this through an agreement.

Contact us to hire ventilation, specialized according to your needs.

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