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Rental of emission-free and fossil-free construction heating

Fossilfri byggevarme

Waterborne Heating for Construction Sites

We are a leading company in emission-free heating centers. For example, in the article about fossil-free construction heating, we discuss various methods we have for environmentally friendly construction heating.
The products in our portfolio consist of solutions that are already – or can be adapted to – a green future. We work hard to quickly adapt to the innovative solutions that the market and environment demand.
Energy Rent rents out systems for waterborne heating that meet the demands of tomorrow and provide you with an optimal climate at the construction site.
Avoid moving the heating systems around and focus on the job you need to perform: Choose waterborne heating for the construction site.
Several municipalities and public agencies have already set requirements for fossil-free construction sites. Oslo has set a requirement for emission-free heating by 2025, and by 2030, the city aims to achieve a 95% reduction in CO2 emissions.

What solutions can be used to achieve these goals?

Today, primarily fossil energy sources are used for heating at construction sites, with diesel and propane especially used as energy sources.

To meet the requirements for fossil-free heating, one must transition to alternatives such as heat pumps, waterborne heating, electric boilers, and hydrogen – mobile and efficient heat sources.

If you choose to use a water-to-water heat pump with an energy well as the heat source, it's good to know that there is a green alternative to ethanol and glycol, which are the most common heat transfer fluids. Here you can read more about Kilfrost GEO.

Fossil-Free Construction Site

A major advantage of using, for example, fossil-free waterborne heating is that the system does not add moisture to the air, which is often a challenge if you use direct-fired propane installations or coke installations.
It provides a consistent temperature profile, which, along with dust filters, ensures high comfort. Energy Rent rents out systems for construction heating that provide an ideal indoor climate and are perfect for completing projects, such as when paint needs to dry.

Fossilfri Byggvarme

Emission-Free Construction Site

In 2020, we had rentals of waterborne heat plus two industrial heat pumps at the Velodrome in Sola. This was a step closer to an emission-free construction site, which is, of course, our goal. More and more construction sites require a fluid-borne heat distribution system, among other things, to avoid moisture in the air. This is particularly important, for example, during the concrete pouring in winter, where waterborne heat contributes to efficient and economical curing and drying. By giving you full control over the drying process, we facilitate a safe, environmentally friendly, and economically viable development.

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Eco-Friendly Solutions

Energy Rent rents out systems for heating and drying with
fossil-free and emission-free solutions. We take our share of responsibility and strive to be a modern and environmentally friendly company that meets the demands of tomorrow.

Waterborne heating involves little risk of leakage and is an efficient and environmentally friendly form of heating. With a technically centralized unit, you get a safe catalyst for the best, dust-free indoor climate. Renting construction heating systems from Energy Rent for a project contributes to a simple, economical, and environmentally friendly implementation.

Fossil-Free Heating at Greverud Torg

In 2018, we delivered waterborne heating to Greverud Torg. For over 12 months, a 600 kW unit was placed on the edge of the construction site. Through underfloor heating, temporary convectors, fans, and temporary pipes, we ensured that the drying and construction of floors occurred in record time! The system regulates the heat according to needs and climatic conditions. And with a central unit securing the operation, you avoid having to move equipment around all the time – and can thus focus on working efficiently.

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