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Rental of mobile steam installations

Your partner for immediate delivery

Energy Rent is your leading expert in rental of mobile steam installations , ready for immediate delivery. Steam installations play a critical role in various industries, from dairies and refineries to hospitals. Maintaining continuous operation 24/7 is of crucial importance. We at Energy Rent are specialists in rentals to the industry and deliver quick and effective solutions to solve any problem. Our steam installations are of the highest quality, and we guarantee easy and safe operation. 

Customized mobile steam installations for your needs

Whether you need steam for dehumidification tests, cleaning, or if your existing system is out of operation, we are here to help. Energy Rent delivers tailor-made mobile steam installations that perfectly suit your requirements.

The history of steam as an energy source

The use of steam as an energy source has a long history, and the concept of using boiling water to create motion goes back to antiquity. The first patent on a steam engine was registered as early as in 1606, but the really effective concepts have evolved in the last 20 years.

Our mobile steam boilers

At Energy Rent we offer rental of steam boilers, which are closed pressure vessels that heat up fluid to generate steam. The steam boilers use burners for heating and release the steam for use in the processes that our customers require. With feed water pumps and storage tanks providing continuous replenishment of fluid, our steam boilers can produce as much steam as needed for any project.

Experience and reliability

Energy Rent has a long history in steam and has delivered complete mobile steam installations for testing industrial dehumidifiers. Our steam boilers are ready for immediate and independent use. In addition, we can include external tank systems and water treatment plants. Our past projects also include delivery and start-up of a steam installation for a large refinery producing 7 tons of steam per hour. Our ability to customize size and power is limited only by your needs, and we stand ready to help you find the perfect solution.

Benefits of renting mobile steam installations

Renting mobile steam installations has several advantages compared to buying a permanent installation:

1. Flexibility – Steam boilers from 400 kg/h to over 16000 kg/h

Mobile steam installations can easily be moved as needed, which is particularly beneficial for companies with changing workplaces or temporary projects.

2. Lower investment

Rental of mobile steam installations is often cheaper than buying permanent installations, which gives economic flexibility.

3. Lower maintenance costs

Mobile steam installations are usually simpler to maintain than permanent installations, saving time and money.

4. Fast access and quickly installed

You can rent mobile steam installations at short notice, giving you immediate access to what you need to complete projects. We offer express delivery.

5. Professional support

Providers of mobile steam installations often offer technical support and training, which is particularly useful for companies with no previous experience with steam installations. We have a large network with solid partners

6. Environmentally friendly

Mobile steam installations can be more environmentally friendly than permanent installations, as they often use biodegradable oils and have less impact on local water and air resources. 

Our steam boilers are of industrial design and are ready for immediate and independent use. The steam boilers are equipped with feed pumps, storage tank for feed water and dual burner, which allows one to fire with either oil or (natural) gas. We can also include an external tank system and water treatment plant.

Rental of steam installations is an excellent solution for businesses seeking flexibility, cost savings and easier maintenance. It also provides quick access to professional support and can be more environmentally friendly than permanent installations.

Energy Rent is ready to assist you with the rental of mobile steam installations. Our experts and diverse product range enable us to deliver customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Contact us today for a non-obligatory discussion and let us be your reliable partner for mobile steam installations.

Reference project – mobile steam installation of 2000kg/h

Project Type 

Rental of mobile steam installation of 2000kg/h with express delivery.

This project involved the rental of a specially designed mobile steam installation with a remarkable capacity of 2000 kg/h steam production. The customer's needs were of an acute nature, and they faced significant challenges with their existing steam system. Our approach to this project went beyond traditional equipment rental; it was a carefully planned and rapidly implemented solution to meet their needs at short notice.

Brief Description

Our customer faced a pressing situation when their existing steam installation met unexpected challenges. By contacting our dedicated team, we were able to immediately take action to resolve the issue. Our rapid response and expertise made it possible to deliver a tailor-made solution in less than 24 hours.

Our effort culminated in the delivery of an advanced and mobile steam installation with 2000kg/h of steam production. This innovative solution was carefully constructed and adapted to meet the customer's urgent needs. By delivering at this level of speed and efficiency, we confirmed our commitment to delivering customized, reliable solutions to our customers.

Our mobile steam installation is a reliable partner for customers who need immediate high-quality steam supply. With our focus on efficiency, reliability and customized solutions, we strengthen our reputation as an industry-leading provider of steam systems.

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