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Rental of Ventilation Unit

At Energy Rent AS, the rental of ventilation units takes place. Clean and tempered air is important for both well-being and productivity. You can rent ventilation units from Energy Rent where you only need to connect power and ducts. The ventilation unit can be delivered with built-in cooling and heating.

It's important to consider when renting a ventilation unit, to know what you need in terms of air volume and whether you need integrated heating and cooling. Placement is important to consider as the ventilation units can be quite large.

Energy Rent AS can offer the best rental solutions. As mentioned above, we have rental solutions where the customer only needs to connect electricity and ventilation ducts, but we also have solutions where we provide ventilation batteries intended for water, and here you must be responsible for the actual production of both cooling and heating.

We can also assist with the rental of heating and cooling based on water-borne heat. We then deliver both a chiller and a complete mobile heating plant with boiler, pump, and expansion. We can also provide a mobile heat pump for rental. This is very advantageous and does not require much installation. This also gives you environmentally friendly heating as a bonus.

In some cases, we deliver complete packages for temperature control. This includes a generator, chiller or heat pump, hoses, buffer tank, circulation pump, glycol, and operational responsibility.

The customer groups that rent ventilation vary from hotels, shopping centers to industries, and the construction and civil engineering sector.

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