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Temporary Cold Storage

Maintaining the correct temperature is crucial in a temporary cold storage. A couple of degrees too warm can quickly mean damaged products - whether storing food, medicine, or other goods that require the right temperature.

We at Energy Rent provide flexible cooling rental solutions, and are ready if you need immediate delivery. We provide and set up equipment for all temperatures quickly, whether for planned maintenance or sudden failure in existing systems.

Quality in a Short Time

Temperature-sensitive goods in a temporary cold storage require stable storage conditions, and this sets high demands on the equipment used. For example, the food hygiene regulations require all "perishable foods" (food and drinks that spoil quickly) to be stored below 4 degrees – regardless of whether it is labeled or not. The Food Safety Authority has also tightened the requirements in recent years, especially for freestanding refrigeration and freezer storage. We can guarantee that everything we deliver meets a high standard, so there is no need to worry about unstable temperatures.

Energy Rent delivers quickly and simply, ensuring that your goods are not damaged. We can deliver the entire cooling system, or backup systems for existing cold storage.

We have supplied cooling to the entire cold storage of a major online grocery retailer, where the permanent system suddenly failed at 13:00. Everything was booked and transported, and the equipment was in place by 18:00, with operations commencing during the evening. The customer had access to the system until the existing system was repaired, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

In another project, we supplied peak load to a cold storage room during the hottest summer months, ensuring a constant temperature in the storage of 3 degrees around the clock.

Flexible Solutions and Opportunities

Changes in outdoor temperature, equipment failure, or increased production are common reasons for needing peak load. When the primary system is unable to ensure sufficient cooling, there may be a need for temporary support. Temporary cold storage is one of our core areas. Energy Rent AS are experts on temporary and flexible solutions.

Whether the need is planned or not, Energy Rent can tailor delivery to what you need. Whether it's production facilities that are too hot due to machines and equipment, to smaller cold storages for food or medicines. We have good experience and knowledge from most industries, and are happy to have a further discussion to find a solution to your specific needs.

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