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Water temperature is crucial in fish farming

Optimal Water Temperature for Farmed Fish

The aquaculture industry in Norway is substantial, with an annual turnover exceeding 116 billion Norwegian kroner. The largest portion of this turnover comes from salmon farming. For fish in aquaculture facilities to thrive, the temperature of the water plays a crucial role. The water temperature is critical for the fish to get enough oxygen, eat well, and grow properly. Farmed salmon prefer water with a temperature between 8 and 14 degrees Celsius. The optimal temperature is 13 degrees. At this temperature, the fish eat well and grow quickly. We at Energy Rent can help achieve the correct water temperature!

Correct Water Temperature is Important!

To achieve good growth conditions, the correct water temperature is essential. This is true for all aquaculture facilities. Increasingly warmer ocean water temperatures pose challenges for fish, especially salmon. Being able to control the water temperature is an important factor in running a successful aquaculture facility.

High Water Temperatures

At too high water temperatures, fish become stressed, already at temperatures above 16 degrees Celsius, the fish become stressed. Then, the fish eat less, and their weight decreases. At warmer water temperatures, the level of oxygen in the water drops. Fish in aquaculture cannot swim to colder water, so the solution is for the fish to swim downwards. This is because the deeper the fish go, the colder the water temperature becomes, and the more oxygen the fish get. If the fish experience too warm water temperatures over time, this will affect the fish's bodily functions, and the fish will eventually suffocate. We can then install temporary cooling to lower the water temperature to 13 degrees, for optimal temperature.

A titanium heat exchanger is lightweight and has superior mechanical properties, as well as providing very efficient heat transfer. When we custom-tailor the equipment to your needs, we can use a titanium exchanger to function as a hydraulic separator.

Low Water Temperatures

Very low temperatures can also cause fish to become stressed, similarly to how high water temperatures do. In 2019, we were contacted by an aquaculture facility that had too cold water temperature for a batch of fish that was expected to arrive. The solution was then to provide a 3MW boiler that heated the water that was drawn from a nearby river from 2 degrees to 10 degrees.

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We Have Extensive Experience with Correct Water Temperature in Aquaculture

Energy Rent has extensive experience from the aquaculture industry, both in heating and cooling water temperatures. We also have experience with heating and cooling to adjust the temperature in overloaded slaughterhouses. Our equipment inventory is broad, and we have the competence and equipment to both heat and cool seawater and freshwater.
We were called when a client had an acute stop in their own heat supply to maintain the water temperature for breeding cleaner fish. A mobile heating central of 3000kW, a titanium heat exchanger, pumps, hoses, and a tank were then delivered.

Fast and Flexible Solutions

We are very flexible and can deliver quickly if there is a need for urgent adjustment of the water temperature, whether it's to achieve a higher or lower temperature. Contact us at Energy Rent if you need to control the water temperature in your aquaculture facility. We assist with planning, adaptation, startup, and delivery so that normal operation in the facility can be maintained.

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