Cooling of movie set

Kjøling av filmsett

Type Project

We cooled down the film set for the recording of The Snowman by Jo Nesbø and provided frost smoke for the actors during the recording.


4 x 200kW ice water machines
4 x 100kW ice water coils with defrosting
8 x pumps
50 x 10 meters 4″ flexible hoses
1.2MW Generator
5m3 diesel tank incl. Fuel management
4m3 glycol
Installation and operation

Short Description

The project was divided into two: the first part was cooling of the film set, which had a length of 80 meters, a width of 30 meters and a height of 7.5 meters down to – 4 degrees. This is to cool down snow. The second part and our main goal in the project was to ensure that the actors received frost smoke during filming.

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