Emission-free heating on the construction site

leie varmepumpe til byggvarme

Emission-free heating on the construction site

A number of municipalities and public bodies have already set requirements for emission-free heating on the construction site. Oslo has set a requirement for emission-free heating by 2025, and by 2030 the city must achieve a 95% CO2 reduction. But what solutions can be used to achieve these goals?

Until today, fossil energy sources have mainly been used for heating on construction sites, and especially diesel and propane. To meet the requirements for fossil-free heating you have to go over to alternatives such as heat pumps, water-borne heat, electric boilers and hydrogen – mobile and efficient heat sources.

utleie av mobil fossilfri byggvarme
Rental of mobile fossil-free building heating

Norway is prominent in the world in introducing environmental requirements, and construction sites are no exception. Emission-free heating on the construction site is the right way to go for future generations. If we are to achieve the targets, we must go from fossil-free to eventually completely emission-free – so that we reach our climate targets by 2030 and 2050.

Innovative solutions are needed, and there is a lot to get used to. Fortunately, Energy Rent is here to help you – see our large selection of emission-free heating

Mobile emission-free heating on the construction site

A solution with mobile heat sources ensures that heating can be started quickly, and that the requirement for higher output during construction is met. Making use of these environmentally friendly solutions ensures that suppliers of technically permanent facilities can keep their warranty on completion, and can complete this at a suitable stage in the construction process.

leie elektrokjele
Rent an electric boiler

Emission-free heating – our cutting-edge expertise

Energy Rent is best at heat pumps. We cool everything from ice rinks and warehouses to vegetables and offices. Weekly, we work with projects where the customer has specific wishes for effect, temperature and design. Heat pumps are installed quickly and easily, and offer very flexible solutions. It is particularly recommended to use if the building is to use heat pumps as an energy solution when it is finished and in operation.

Transport av kjølemaskin
Heat pump transportation

We also have good expertise in other alternatives, such as water-based heating. In 2018, we supplied waterbased heat to Greverud Torget . For over 1 year, a unit with 600 kw was located at the outer edge of the building site. Through underfloor heating, temporary convectors, fans and temporary pipes, we ensured drying and construction of floors in record time!

The best solution for you

Energy Rent is already one of Norway’s leading companies in mobile solutions for heating and cooling on construction sites. The products in our portfolio consist of solutions that are already – or can be – adapted to a green future. We work hard to quickly adapt to the innovative solutions required by the market and the environment.

We have the knowledge required to select what suits you best, and the expertise to deliver the equipment quickly and efficiently. Get in touch to talk about your building site!

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