Environmentally friendly building heating

miljøvennlig byggvarme

Temporary building heating!

A construction site needs heat, a lot of heat. Energy Rent supplies solutions for environmentally friendly building heating based on emission-free and fossil-free. The advantages of such a system are many. Everything from operations, finances, working environment, quality and construction time.

Alternative solutions

For a long time, “coconut plants” and electric fan ovens have dominated building heating. Isn’t it time to look at alternatives? The gradually strict requirements from the government mean that we are moving in the direction of an emission-free building site.

Energy Rent has a separate category for renting fossil-free and emission-free rental.

Operation of temporary environmentally friendly building heating

An advantage of environmentally friendly building heating in the form of a water-borne system is often that a common heating center means that operations can be concentrated over a limited area. Filling fuel e.g. happens somewhere.

Working environment and building heating

If the building allows it, underfloor heating can be used during the construction of the building. The indoor climate will then be significantly better. The reason is that you don’t have fans that stir up dust on the construction site.

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