Rental of heating and cooling for fish breeding facilities


Energy Rent are experts in rental of cooling and heating equipment, which helps you keep perfect temperature. With our experience and expertise, we help you with the right solutions for a quick and effective result. The farming industry is a huge industry in Norway. In 2021 alone, fish to the value of NOK 116.6 billion were slaughtered in this country. The numbers increase every year, and now the fish are even starting to take to land-based farms. Farming requires perfect temperature conditions for the growth of the fish, but also for the best possible treatment of juvenile fish and sea grass.

Land-based fish farming

Norwegians have fishing in their veins, and the industry has been a pillar of Norwegian culture and history for longer than we can imagine.

In addition to catching fish on In the open sea, for the past 50 years we have built aquaculture facilities along the entire coast, and development is happening faster and faster. Now land-based breeding facilities can be the solution to problems such as lice, algae and other fish diseases.


Landbasert Oppdrett
Lakseoppdrett Øk Produksjonen

Increase Production

Being able to control temperature is essential for a successful farm. In the summer of 2019, Stian Aspaas and Magne Røe took over a land-based facility in Tydal.

They saw that the groundwater coming in was too cold, and installed a heat pump to increase the temperature. A simple trick, but below warmer conditions, the char grew much faster, and the production time at Norwegian Fish Farms Tydal was cut in half.

Stable Temperature

In 2019 we were contacted by a major player in the farming industry. They were expecting large quantities of fish, but the water was not warm enough in the facility – as it was brought in straight from a passing river.

We got the job to rent out a heating center that heated the water from 2 to 10 degrees in a fast and efficient way – exactly what was needed for the plant to be able to against the fish.

Laskeoppdrett Stabil Temperatur
Miljøvennlig mobil varmesentral

Mobile Solutions

As one of Norway’s leading companies in temporary heating and cooling, we at Energy Rent offer the solutions that suit you best, to adjust the temperature to optimal conditions.

We have experience with both heating for more growth, and cooling to adapt growth in overloaded slaughterhouses.

Our equipment can both heat and cooling brackish water and seawater – and we rent out titanium exchangers which acts as a hydraulic separator.

solutions for the fish farming industry

Mobil varme til oppdrett av berggylt
Heat | References
Utleie av mobilt varmeanlegg
Heat | References
Heat | References
Utleie av chiller
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