Heating and cooling for testing equipment for industry

We have extensive experience with tests that require heating or cooling.

With reference customers such as Media City Bergen and the Swedish Armed Forces, we have good experience with testing and cooling. In Bergen, we were hired to test the data halls of Media City Bergen (which, among other things, houses NRK and TV2) before a permanent cooling solution was in place. For the Swedish defence, we tested the cooling of various defense buildings. These are two major assignments that have meant a lot to us and of which we are proud.

Maybe you have to run a test for your customer? In a valve or perhaps in a compressor? Then we can most likely help you so that you can carry out the test you need. We deliver turnkey solutions for the vast majority of tests where either pumps, heat exchange, heating or cooling are the keywords. The energy source that produces water-borne heat can be electricity, gas or bio-oil.

In other words, we can test most things where heat or cooling is needed in the form of liquid or air. We also have the knowledge to dimension and calculate in advance. Something that ensures a good and predictable result.

We at Energy Rent have for several years helped customers to offer good and correct rental solutions for testing and cooling.

We at Energy Rent have for several years helped customers to offer good and correct rental solutions for testing and cooling. It is important that you as a customer know what is expected in terms of temperature requirements, necessary cooling capacity and sufficient power capacity.

Whether you want to rent small cooling units, larger cooling systems or other accessories for your existing cooling system, we can help you find the right solutions. We produce according to your wishes and requirements. We have a comprehensive and large selection of equipment.

Skill and competence

Energy Rent is ready to welcome you with its qualified staff. We assist you as a customer with everything from planning to the actual design down to the detail level.

We can offer start-up, service and maintenance. We can also offer tailor-made service and maintenance concepts. We also offer interesting financing methods such as “rent-and-buy” or renting with a so-called “buy-back” option. Easy rental is of course also an option we offer.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees look forward to finding an optimal solution together with you.


Let us help you

We know how. Over the years, we have helped many businesses in many various industries. Our skilled experts can help you find the right and optimal solution for your needs. 


In a rush?

We are available, and we can deliver within 24 hours. We have good experience in situations where time is really important for the customers, and needs must be met as soon as possible. We will take care of transport and installation.



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