Kilfrost GEO – Environmentally friendly geoenergy

Kilfrost GEO

Geoenergy, or geothermal energy, has become more and more popular in the Nordics. Our bedrock lends itself well to this pure utilization of the energy beneath our feet. We at Energy Rent want to contribute to more people using green energy and have specialist expertise in environmentally friendly temporary heat transfer. We supply components such as heat exchangers and Kilfrost GEO which is an environmentally friendly heat transfer fluid. This is in addition to our main area which is temporary heat rental and cooling.

Here, for example, we have solutions for mobile heat pumps for your project.

Geoenergy with Kilfrost GEO i temporary building heating

Energy Rent are experts in temporary heat, and energy wells using Kilfrost GEO is an excellent option for most needs. Solar heating and geothermal energy from the earth’s interior have meant that there are large amounts of energy stored in the ground. With a collector system, you can easily collect this energy and use it for heating or cooling everything from small buildings to -heating-of-construction sites/”>construction sites. With the help of the geothermal heat, you avoid that the /strong> effect factor decreases even at cold outside temperatures in winter, so that you get a consistent and good effect all year round – regardless of the climate.

We at Energy Rent have authorized heat exchanger and heat transfer distributors, and are happy to help you find the right solution for your needs.

Traditional coolant presents challenges

Utilizing geothermal energy requires a collector that is filled with an antifreeze mixture, which by circulation takes up heat and releases it to a heat pump on the surface. The vast majority of collectors have traditionally used toxic mono ethylene glycol, corrosive ethanol or environmentally friendly propylene glycol with poor thermal performance. While all of these have their advantages, they also have significant disadvantages.

Monoethylene glycol vs Kilfrost GEO

Monoethylene glycol (MEG) is widely used in coolants due to its good efficiency. It is, however, classified as toxic, and is considered a major environmental risk if any kind of leakage should occur.

Kilfrost GEO has at least the same efficiency and is also environmentally friendly.

Ethanol vs Kilfrost GEO

Ethanol-based products are not toxic in the same way as ME. They have a higher heat capacity, but also require a lot of energy to circulate in the system. At the same time, ethanol is highly flammable – which creates risks during transport, installation and storage. In addition, ethanol requires a lot of oxygen during degradation should a leak occur. Something that will have a negative impact on the ecosystem in the area.

Kilfrost GEO has approximately the same performance as Ethanol. Ethanol itself is not considered toxic, but it is classified as flammable,

Propylene glycol vs Kilfrost GEO

Propylene glycol (MPG) is not toxic, and not particularly flammable. It is considered significantly better for the environment, but has to pay in terms of low efficiency. MPG-based fluid requires even more energy than ethanol to circulate, exceeding its heat transfer capacity.

Kilfrost GEO is as environmentally friendly as MPG, but it has significantly higher efficiency. This comes out very well from +5C and below.

When choosing which liquid to use, you have therefore had to compensate for a good effect with environmentally hostile substances – or vice versa. British Kilfrost has done something about that, by producing a coolant especially to increase the efficiency of heat transfer in systems for geothermal energy utilization.

The alternative of the future

Kilfrost GEO is classified as a non-toxic coolant, completely without MEG, and which requires the least energy of all the alternatives to circulate in the pipe system. In addition, it is produced from renewable resources, and requires little oxygen during degradation. Kilfrost GEO is therefore considered the most effective alternative among coolants, in addition to being completely harmless to the environment and health.

Energy Rent has the expertise

Energy Rent are a proud main distributor for Kilfrost in the Nordics. We work hard to be able to offer environmentally friendly solutions that are fossil-free and emission-free for heating e.g. . construction sites. We can offer Kilfrost GEO as the best option for environmentally friendly heat transfer fluid for geo-energy. Get in touch for a non-binding conversation about temporary energy wells.

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