Electric Independent Boiler 210kW

  • 15 – 210kW heating capacity
  • Power in 14 steps (14 x 15kW)
  • Max 90°C
  • Variable temperature control
  • Control from SD system
  • Outdoor temperature compensation
  • Cascade connection of several boilers
  • Suitable for indoor installation


For a complete unit with pump, expansion, and control/monitoring, see our central heating units below.

Electric boilers can be installed on their own or with existing solutions.


• Voltage monitor
• Water shortage protection
• Protection against burnt contacts

We also have accessories such as pumps, expansion hoses, and heat exchangers.

Effect kW 210
Dimensions D x B x H mm 670 x 1030 x 1420
Weight kg Ca. 360 (without water)
Steps amount 14 a 15kW
Max temperature ºC 90
Temperature area ºC 20 °C – 90 °C
Minimum pressure bar 1
Maks arbeidstrykk bar 6
Water volume liter 145
Power (230V / 400V) A 525A /304A
Control current V 1 x 230V 50/60Hz
Connection both ways inch DN125 / PN16



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