Kilfrost K400 – 5 liter

  • Absorbs up to 4 times its own weight in water
  • Water soluble
  • Biodegradable
  • Tested at pressure up to 17 bar
  • Pour point of -60 ° C
  • Sold in 4x5L boxes


Anti-icing technology for compressed air equipment. Kilfrost K400 is an antifreeze that acts as a lubricant and can help reduce costly downtime and ensure the efficient operation of pneumatic equipment, even in the harshest environments. Due to its ability to mix with water, Kilfrost K400 is ideal for water well drilling.


Kilfrost K400 is flushed out of the hole with the first influx of water. Kilfrost K400 is not an additive but maintains a very high quality under extreme pressure as a synthetic lubricant.


Kilfrost K400 works by absorbing water or condensation in the air, “pressing down” the freezing point of the solution, thereby eliminating freezing. Kilfrost K400 maintains its properties even under extremely high pressure, in contrast to normal oils which deteriorate quickly when water is present.

Kilfrost K400 Datasheet

Kilfrost K400 Datasheet (1)

Kilfrost K400 - SDS10064 - Norwegian

Norwegian MSDS Kilfrost K400

Kilfrost K400 - SDS10064 - English

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