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Mobile Heat Exchanger HE 800

800kW @ LMTD 10K

The Mobil Varmeveksler HE 800 is a powerful heat exchanger with a capacity of 800 kW. It is ideal for large industrial processes and temporary heating needs. Perfect for use in large factories, power plants, and construction projects requiring reliable heat transfer. 

800 kW heating capacity w/ 90/70°C – 80/60°C
150 kW cooling capacity w/ 0/5°C – 7/12°C
For system separation
Compact design
Easy to install yourself
Quick connection of flexible hoses
Various print areas / Media
Also for outdoor installation

Technical specifications

Heating capacity v 85/65°C - 75/55°CkW800
Cooling capacity v 0/5°C – 7/12°CkW150
Max flowm3/h40
Temperature range°C-20 til 120
Max pressurebar30
Dimensions L x W x Hmm1560 x 600 x 1050