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Mobile Heat Pump VP100 LV

Air / Water

Mobile heat pump VP100 LV has been developed primarily to work on temporary projects. The unit is compact, which makes the Mobile Heat Pump VP100 LV flexible. The unit comes with an integrated pump.

94kW heat capacity w/ -5°C ambient and 35/45°C condenser
148kW cooling capacity w/ 7/+12°C ice water and 28°C ambient
125A CEE connection
Camlock for quick connection of water
Transport framework for mobility
2 circuits for extra security
4 compressors for better regulation
Can be used for heating or cooling
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Technical specifications

Heat capacity v/ -5°C ambient and 35/45°CkW0 - 94
Cooling capacity w/ 7/+12°C ice water and 28°C ambientkW0 - 148
Dimensionsmm2273 x 2136 x 1330
Weight (transport)kg1072
Performance levelstrinn0 / 25 / 50 / 75 / 100
Connection both waysinch2
Available pressurekPa150
Electrical inputkW48
Power consumptionA102
VoltageV/Hz/Ph400 / 50 / 3
Electrical connectiontypeCEE 125A 5 poles / 400V
Minimum working pressurebar0,8
Maximum working pressurebar6