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Mobile split KM 7 Cool

+16°C to +26°C

This compact unit consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, which are connected by glycol-filled hoses with quick connectors. A pump that ensures circulation is installed. The indoor unit has high and low-pressure alarms, as well as an automatic, defrost system. The condenser heat is led through the glycol-filled hoses to the outdoor unit. KM 7 Cool is extremely flexible and is perfect for cooling server rooms, for use at events, and in shops.

Cooling capacity kW 6.5
230V/1ph/50Hz (one socket that supplies both indoor and outdoor units)
Flexible setup, easy to install yourself
Mobile unit on wheels
Easy to operate, even without technical knowledge
3-stage fan speed
Cooling temperature range +16°C to +26°C
10 m ready-made water-filled hose included (optional extension up to 30m, 10m + 20m)
Frost resistance outer part to -16 ° C
Built-in air filter
Built-in circulation pump and condensate pump (max lifting height 12 metres)
Mobil aircondition

Technical specifications

Cooling capacity kW6.5
Dimensions inside L x W x Hmm360 x 815 x 1030
Interior weightkg86
Dimensions outside part L x W x Hmm360 x 582 x 460
Weight outside partkg16.5
Performance Levelsstep3
Compressorstype1 scroll
Long between inside and outsidem10 (max 30)
Max height difference between inside and outsidem12
Liquid between inside and outsidetypePropylene Glycol
Condensation managementtypeyes, integrated pump and hose
Added effectkW2.75
Power drawA12
Electrical connectiontype16A 230 / 50 / 1 (plug)
Connection between inside and outsidetypeQuick link