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250 kW Alfa Laval V-shape drycooler
Effective handling of excess heat
Minimal disruption during installation

The Challenge

In a production facility, the buildup of excess heat was a significant problem, affecting both the efficiency of machinery and product quality. A solution was needed that could handle the heat efficiently without disrupting the production flow.

Bilde av tørrkjøler

The Solution

To address the challenges of excess heat, Energy Rent installed a 250 kW Alfa Laval V-shape drycooler at the production facility. This specific unit was chosen for its ability to handle large amounts of heat and for its efficiency in cooling the air around the production area. The installation was customized to ensure minimal disruption in daily work.

The Result

With the new cooling solution in place, the excess heat was effectively removed from the production area. This led to improved operational efficiency and extended the lifespan of the production equipment. Employees also experienced a more comfortable working environment, contributing to increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Energy Rent ensured that our challenge with excess heat was resolved quickly and efficiently. Their solution with a 250 kW drycooler from Alfa Laval has made a significant difference in our production process.

- Operations Manager

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