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Alfa Laval ALF automatic seawater filter

The Challenge

The heat pump system in Stavanger relied on seawater intake for its operation, but faced challenges with pollution and blockages that reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs. A solution was needed to improve the cleaning of the seawater and reduce manual intervention.

The Solution

Energy Rent delivered and installed an Alfa Laval ALF automatic seawater filter at the heat pump's seawater intake. This system was chosen for its ability to automatically remove contaminants and ensure continuous, efficient operation. The filter was designed to handle large volumes of seawater and offers high filtration efficiency with minimal maintenance needs.

Bilde av pumpegraf

The Result

With the new automatic seawater filter, the heat pump system experienced a significant reduction in blockages and maintenance time. This ensured more stable operation and improved the overall efficiency of the system. The filter also helped to extend the lifespan of the heat pump by protecting it from damages caused by seawater contaminants.


Thanks to Energy Rent and their automatic seawater filter, we have seen a dramatic improvement in both the efficiency and reliability of our heat pump system. The filter has reduced our operational costs and increased the system's lifespan.

- Operations Manager

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