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Mobile CIP unit used for chemical cleaning
Cleaning and flushing of pumps, underfloor heating, radiators, and piping system
Thermographic inspections performed before and after cleaning

The Challenge

The client reported problems with achieving sufficient heating in the building, indicating a blockage or constriction in the heating system. Thermographic inspections of radiators revealed significant challenges in heat transfer, clearly pointing to clogging of magnetite and other deposits in the system.

The Solution

Energy Rent implemented a mobile CIP unit to chemically clean and flush the entire heating system, including pumps, underfloor heating, radiators and the pipe system. This process, which lasted two days, involved the use of specialized cleaning solutions to effectively remove magnetite and other contaminants that hindered normal heat function.

Bilde som viser møkk etter rengjøring

The Result

The chemical cleaning was successful and resulted in noticeable improvement in heat transfer and system performance. After the cleaning, the heating system could deliver sufficient and even heat to all parts of the building, eliminated the need for extra clothing indoors. The client reported satisfaction with the dramatically improved heating conditions and the reduction in energy consumption.

After Energy Rent's thorough chemical cleaning of our heating system, the heat in our building has been restored, and we can finally enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature without extra layers of clothing. Their professional approach and effective solution have been outstanding.

- Facilities Manager

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