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Chemical cleaning of 2 large seawater heat exchangers
Use of mobile CIP equipment with 22 kW heat cassette, 170 l/min pump, and 215 l tank
Inclusion of necessary chemicals for efficient cleaning

The Challenge

The customer experienced significant problems with heat transfer in their seawater heat exchangers, which affected the overall efficiency of the heating system. The reduced functionality suggested a build-up of deposits and pollutants that were blocking the effectiveness of the exchanger.

CIP magnet

The Solution

Energy Rent used their mobile CIP (Clean-in-Place) equipment to perform a chemical cleaning of the two large seawater heat exchangers. The equipment included a 22 kW heat cassette to heat the cleaning solution, a powerful 170 l/min pump to circulate the solution, and a 215 liter tank to handle the chemicals. This process effectively removed the restrictions and pollutants, restoring the heat exchanger's efficiency.

The Result

The chemical cleaning resulted in a noticeable improvement in the heat transfer capacity of the seawater heat exchangers. The system returned to its original functionality, which improved the overall efficiency in the customer's heating system and reduced energy consumption.

Clean in please

Energy Rent's professional approach and advanced equipment made a huge difference to our heating system. After their intervention, our heat exchangers are running like new, and we have seen a significant improvement in the system's performance and efficiency.

- Maintenance Manager

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