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Emission-free waterborne heating plant with an electric boiler
260kW heating capacity
Fully integrated with the building's ventilation system

The Challenge

During the construction of Tu School, it was essential to implement an environmentally friendly heating method that could be integrated with the school's existing ventilation system. The project required a solution that not only provided necessary heat but also maintained strict environmental standards to minimize CO2 emissions.

Image of a mobile waterborne fossil-free heating plant

The Solution

Energy Rent delivered and installed an emission-free waterborne heating plant equipped with an electric boiler, pump, expansion equipment, and monitoring systems. This heating plant was carefully configured to deliver 260kW of heat directly into the school's ventilation system, ensuring optimal distribution of heat throughout the building while being completely emission-free.


The Result

The installed heating plant ensured a consistent and reliable heat supply throughout the building period, contributing to a comfortable work environment for construction workers and future users. The solution supported the school's environmental goals by being completely emission-free, making it a pioneering project in sustainable building.

With Energy Rent's emission-free heating solution, we have been able to meet our environmental goals and secure a sustainable future for Tu School. Their expertise and solutions have been crucial to the success of our project.

- Project Manager

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