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50kW mobile heat pump with 36kW electric battery for peak load
Perforated air sock for even heat and low noise level

The Challenge

The customer needed a heating solution for a large food tent that could provide constant and comfortable heat, as well as fresh air under demanding winter conditions. The solution had to be emission-free to meet environmental requirements and ensure a healthy indoor climate for the users.

The Solution

Energy Rent installed a 50kW mobile heat pump equipped with a 36kW electric battery to handle peak load during the coldest periods. The system also included advanced control for fresh air supply and was distributed inside the tent using a perforated air sock. This ensured even heat distribution and low noise level, optimized for comfort and energy efficiency.

Mobil Chiller KM 20

The Result

The mobile heat pump solution ensured that the food tent was heated in an even and comfortable manner throughout the winter season, while fresh air was supplied to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Emission-free technology and energy efficient design contributed to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, in line with the customer's sustainability goals.

tørke betonggulv

Energy Rent provided an excellent solution for our need for heating and fresh air in the food tent. Their mobile heat pump was not only efficient, but also emission-free, which helped us meet our environmental and comfort requirements.

- Coordinator

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