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10 x 15 meter mobile ice rink

The Challenge

Randaberg municipality celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022, and on that occasion they wanted to create a special experience for the residents with a mobile ice rink. The challenge was to create something unique that could celebrate the anniversary and at the same time bring joy to the entire community.

The Solution

In collaboration with the local community, we set up an impressive 10 x 15 meter ice rink in the middle of the square. This ice rink was not just a regular ice rink; it was surrounded by a large tent that covered the entire rink. This tent provided extra space where both children and adults could enjoy skating, bring their own food, or enjoy refreshments from the kiosk. The built-in ice rink turned out to be a clever solution, as even bad weather could not stop users from enjoying the skating.

The Result

The ice rink in Randaberg exceeded all expectations. Demand was so high that we even had to extend the opening hours. Schools, kindergartens, and various groups flocked to book their time on the skating rink. The ice rink quickly became the heart of the community, and it brought together people of all ages. Activities such as ice disco were arranged and became a huge success among the youngest. It was not just a celebration of the anniversary, but also a celebration of unity and community. Sparebankstiftelsen contributed to cover the costs of the ice rink, and various sports clubs and associations in the village helped with the operation. This turned out to be a great opportunity for the community to contribute to the maintenance and strengthen the bonds among the inhabitants.

The ice rink that Energy Rent provided was the icing on the cake for us. It made the whole event complete. It was a huge hit and was used by everyone.

- Leader of the community association

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