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200-square meter mobile ice rink (10x20 meters)
Included skates, helper penguins, benches, and protective roof

The Challenge

Bryne city center has traditionally engaged the local community by installing a mobile ice rink. The challenge in 2021 was to expand the rink and include additional facilities such as a roof, to ensure a better user experience regardless of weather conditions.

The Solution

Energy Rent delivered and installed a 10x20 meter mobile ice rink complete with necessary cooling infrastructure to maintain ice quality. Additional equipment included skates, helper penguins for children, benches for spectators, and a robust roofing system to protect against weather conditions. These additions were designed to improve safety and comfort for skaters and audience.

The Result

The improved and expanded ice rink quickly became a popular gathering point in Bryne city center, attracting families and skating enthusiasts. The roof over the ice rink ensured that activity could continue even under adverse weather conditions, thus increasing usage and visitor time at the site. This helped stimulate the local economy and promoted Bryne as an attractive winter destination.

Energy Rent has again delivered a fantastic winter attraction for Bryne city center. The expanded ice rink and new facilities have made this a winter favorite for both local residents and visitors.

- Events Coordinator, Bryne City Center

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