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Rental of mobile heat exchanger to industry.


Mobile Titanium Heat Exchanger
Customized for use with seawater as a cooling medium
Effective and safe testing of process plants

The Challenge

The client needed specialized heat exchangers capable of withstand the corrosive effects of seawater used as a cooling medium in their process plants. It was crucial that these heat exchangers were both mobile and robust enough to handle the rigorous environmental requirements while maintaining high efficiency in the heat transfer process.


The Solution

Energy Rent provided mobile heat exchangers made of titanium, a material known for its excellent corrosion resistance and strength. These heat exchangers were customized to meet the specific needs of the process plant and were easy to integrate and move around the site for different testing scenarios.

The Result

The mobile titanium heat exchangers proved to be very effective in handling the aggressive conditions presented by the seawater, ensuring that the testing of the process plant could be conducted without any problems related to equipment integrity. The customer's testing was successfully completed, with the heat exchangers delivering consistently high performance throughout the test period.


Energy Rent's mobile titanium heat exchangers were crucial for our process plant testing. Their ability to deliver customized equipment capable of handling the corrosive nature of seawater allowed us to carry out necessary tests without delays or damage to the equipment.

- Project Manager

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