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Emission-free 260kW electric heat container
3 x 1000 liter tap water tanks
260kW heat exchanger
315kVA Transformer
Necessary hose packages for full functionality

The Challenge

An internationally recognized hotel faced a major challenge as they were upgrading their heating system. During this period, it was critical to maintain a stable and reliable supply of hot tap water to ensure guest comfort and smooth operation, especially given the hotel's high standards and expectations from international guests.

The Solution

To meet the hotel's needs, Energy Rent provided a customized solution consisting of an emission-free 260kW electric heat container, along with 3 x 1000 liter tap water tanks, a 260kW heat exchanger, and a 315kVA transformer. This system was supplemented with necessary hose packages to integrate with the hotel's existing infrastructure, making the transition smooth and efficient.


The Result

The mobile heating station ensured a continuous and efficient distribution of hot water, which was essential to maintain the hotel's daily operations and guest satisfaction. Thanks to Energy Rent's swift response and technological solutions, the hotel's services remained unaffected during the upgrade, and the hotel was able to continue delivering high-quality services to its guests.


Energy Rent was a lifesaver when our hotel needed an immediate solution to the hot tap water problem during a critical period. Their ability to quickly mobilize and install the necessary equipment ensured that our highly valued guests could still enjoy their stay without interruption. We highly appreciate their professionalism and will undoubtedly turn to them for future needs.

- Operations Director at the hotel

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