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Cooling Machine
Steam Boiler

The Challenge

The project in Northern Norway required both an efficient heat source and a reliable cooling solution to handle varying process demands under extreme weather conditions. The combined need for high temperature and cooling within the same project presented a unique logistical and technical challenge.

Mobil Hetoljekjel

The Solution

Energy Rent delivered a high-capacity steam boiler along with an efficient cooling machine, customised to meet the specific needs of the plant. The equipment was carefully selected and installed to ensure that it could operate efficiently under the harsh climatic conditions in Northern Norway, while fulfilling the project's requirements for both steam generation and cooling.


The Result

The combined solution of the steam boiler and cooling machine ensured that the project could continue without interruption, regardless of external temperature fluctuations. This enabled continuous and efficient operation, and guaranteed that all industrial processes were maintained with proper temperature control, thereby increasing both productivity and safety on site.

Energy Rent's solution with both a steam boiler and cooling machine was key to the success of our project in Northern Norway. Their ability to customise the equipment to our unique needs under challenging climate conditions was impressive.

- Project Manager

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