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High capacity mobile cooling machine
Quick installation and integration with existing systems
Continuous operation and customer comfort ensured during rehabilitation

The Challenge

Sørlandssenteret underwent extensive rehabilitation work, which affected the functionality of the regular cooling system. It was crucial to find a temporary cooling solution that could handle the center's large area without disturbing daily operations or customer comfort.

The Solution

To meet the need for reliable and continuous cooling, Energy Rent rented out a mobile cooling machine with sufficient capacity to cover the entire center's area. This solution was quickly implemented to ensure minimal disruption for stores and customers. The equipment was strategically placed and integrated with existing ventilation systems to maximize efficiency.


The Result

The mobile cooling machine ensured that the temperature in Sørlandssenteret was kept comfortable, which was crucial in maintaining a good customer experience and safe operation of the stores. The result was that the center could continue to operate efficiently and without interruption or discomfort to visitors, despite ongoing construction work.


Energy Rent ensured that our customers and employees could enjoy a comfortable environment even during extensive renovations. Their mobile cooling machine was a lifesaver for our daily operations.

- Facilities Manager, Sørlandssenteret

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