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2500kW heating centre
Maintaining water temperature at approx. 28 degrees Celsius
Accurate simulation of operating loads for cooling system testing

The Challenge

The customer needed to carry out tests on their own cooling machine to ensure that it was working efficiently under realistic operating conditions. The challenge was to create a controlled environment that accurately mimicked the normal operating loads the cooling machine would experience.

Mobil Varmesentral 2500kW

The Solution

Energy Rent installed a 2500kW heat centre capable of producing and maintaining the water temperature at about 28 degrees Celsius. This was necessary for testing the cooling machine's capacity and efficiency under conditions that mimicked those it would encounter in an actual operating environment. This enabled the customer to evaluate the cooling machine's performance and make necessary adjustments.

Mobil vannbåren varmesentral

The Result

With the use of the heat centre, the customer was able to carry out extensive tests on the cooling machine, confirming its efficiency and reliability under anticipated operating conditions. This ensured that the cooling machine was optimized for performance before it was put into use on a larger scale, reducing the risk of operational disruptions or inefficiencies.

Energy Rent played a critical role in the testing of our cooling machine by providing a powerful heat centre that could closely mimic the actual operating conditions. This was crucial to our success in fine-tuning the machine prior to actual implementation.

- Operations Engineer

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