Rent a dry cooler for immediate delivery

tørrkjøler til nedkjøling og frikjøling

Correct dimensioning of the dry cooler

Effectively removing excess heat from cooling systems requires a dry cooler that is dimensioned correctly, whether it is rental dry cooler or not. Regardless of whether you have heat pumps , cooling machines, or testing heating and cooling equipment, the dry cooler must be adapted to the specific conditions of your system. Factors such as power, noise, and physical space effect which solution should be used, and can present challenges for those who do not have expertise. Therefore, at Energy Rent, we offer our expertise to help you make the right choice.

When choosing a dry cooler, there are many factors that are important to take into account. There are many varieties, and all have different physical dimensions, sound levels, and power. In addition, one must think about, among other things, design temperatures, the need for free cooling, and the required effect in different seasons. When choosing equipment in other contexts, you often find that a higher price equals a better solution, but dry coolers follow different rules. It is therefore important to know exactly what you are doing, or to seek help from experts.

Energy Rent helps you dimension new dry coolers, and delivers directly from the factory. We are experts in the field, and can guarantee that we will find the solution that suits your needs perfectly. We also sell spare parts for fans, and can help you throughout the cooler’s life cycle.

We rent out for tests and emergencies 

If you need a dry cooler for testing heating systems, Energy Rent supplies customized solutions for the best possible testing of your system. We also supply backup systems or emergency solutions, so you never have to worry if an accident happens.

Among other things, we have delivered dry coolers for emergency solutions and testing of the system to Stavanger University Hospital, and to the Norwegian Correctional Service for the rehabilitation of buildings. In addition, we delivered 6 dry coolers to IVAR IKS’ sewage treatment plant in 2015.

Energy Rent has good experience and the best knowledge of dry coolers, so you are guaranteed the very best solution to your need – regardless of whether it is urgent or planned. We supply industrial fans of well-known brands, in order to guarantee the quality of the equipment.

Fast delivery of quality

Energy Rent specializes in mobile solutions and fast delivery. By combining access to quality products, long experience and good knowledge, we can guarantee the very best solution for a dry cooler that suits your needs. Contact us for a chat about renting a dry cooler.

Let us help you

We know how. Over the years, we have helped many businesses in many various industries. Our skilled experts can help you find the right and optimal solution for your needs. 


In a rush?

We are available, and we can deliver within 24 hours. We have good experience in situations where time is really important for the customers, and needs must be met as soon as possible. We will take care of transport and installation.



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