Rental of mobile steam plants

Mobile steam plant

Mobile steam plant

Energy Rent are specialists in rental of mobile steam systems for immediate delivery.

Steam plants are often critical for running everything from dairies, and refineries to hospitals. It is then important to maintain operations 24/7. We at Energy Rent are experts in rental to the industry, and deliver fast and efficient solutions to those who have problems. Our boilers are of the highest quality for easy and safe operation.

Regardless of whether you need steam to test dehumidifiers, for cleaning, or if your system is out of service. We provide customized mobile steam systems!

Using steam as an energy source is nothing new. The technique of using boiling water to produce movement has been known since ancient times. The first patent for a steam machine was registered in 1606, but the truly effective concepts did not appear until the last 20 years.

At Energy Rent, we rent out steam boilers, which are closed pressure vessels where liquid is heated and creates steam. The steam boiler uses a burner for heating, and releases the steam for use in the processes our customers need. With the help of feedwater pumps and a storage tank, the boiler is continuously replenished with liquid. That way, it can produce as much steam as is needed in a given project.

Steam ready for immediate use

Energy Rent has extensive experience with steam, and we have, among other things, rented out complete mobile steam systems to test industrial dehumidifiers. Our steam boilers are ready for immediate and independent use. In addition, we can include external tank systems and water treatment facilities. We have also worked with larger facilities. In 2017, we delivered and commissioned a steam plant for a larger refinery that produces 7 tonnes of steam per hour. Size and effect are limited only by your needs, we help you adapt the solution to what you need!


Rental of mobile steam plant

Renting a mobile steam plant has several advantages over buying a permanent plant.



Mobile steam plant can be easily moved from place to place as needed. This is especially useful for companies that frequently change workplaces or for projects that require temporary solutions.


Lower investment costs

Renting a mobile steam plant is often cheaper than buying a permanent plant. This can be an advantage for companies that cannot afford to invest in a more expensive facility or that want to save on capital.


Lower maintenance costs

Mobile steam plants are often easier to maintain than permanent plants. This can save companies time and money on maintenance.


Quick access

Mobile steam plant can be rented at short notice, giving the company quick access to what they need to complete the project.


Professional help

Mobile steam plant suppliers often offer technical support and training, which can be helpful for businesses that have no experience using a steam plant.


Environmentally friendly

Mobile steam plants can be more environmentally friendly than permanent plants, as they often use biodegradable oils and do not pollute local water and air sources.


Renting a mobile steam plant can therefore be a good solution for companies that need flexibility, lower investment costs and less maintenance. It also gives you as a customer the advantage that you have quick access to professional help at all times, and renting a facility can have more environmentally friendly consequences compared to a permanent facility.

Overall, renting a mobile steam plant can be a good solution for companies that need flexibility, lower investment costs and less maintenance. It also provides quick access to professional help and can be more environmentally friendly than permanent facilities.

Energy Rent can rent!

We at Energy Rent are specialists in mobile solutions and rental of mobile steam systems. Our expertise and experience, as well as access to a range of products, enable us to deliver specially adapted solutions to your needs. No matter what you need a steam boiler for, we help you with delivery and start-up, so you can focus on operations.

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