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Rent portable air conditioning

There are several solutions on the market. Energy Rent has rental portable air conditioning and  cooling unit for rent

There aren’t many things more frustrating than being too cold or too hot.

Mobil Aircondition
Mobil Aircondition

Most people like to have a room temperature between 18-22C, and preferably somewhere in between, i.e. 20C. It helps little to open the window in the bedroom when it is 27C outside in summer, and just as little to open the window when it is -10C in winter.

A little cold technique

First some technique. How does a heat pump actually work? To understand this a little better, it is good to know what the main components of a heat pump are. A heat pump consists of 4 main components, compressor, condenser, throttle body/throttle valve and an evaporator.

A heat pump, cooling machine, or a fridge and freezer for that matter, all work according to this principle. What is decisive for what this process is used for is the temperature ranges, and on which side we obtain the temperature, i.e. on the hot or cold side.

Must heat up to be able to cool

A portable air conditioner also works according to this principle. When we want heat, for example, we get the heat out on the hot side of the process. What not many people know or think about is that you MUST cool something to extract heat.

That’s because we have to get the energy that we use as heat from somewhere. In a panel oven, it is the current that is used as an energy source, in a heat pump it is to cool something that provides the heat at the other end. Think of is a refrigerator for example. It’s cold inside to cool our food, but try to touch the back of the fridge.

It is therefore this heat that we use in a heat pump. Actually, we don’t cool, we absorb heat. The energy goes from hot to cold. That’s because we use a special liquid that evaporates, and when you evaporate, you absorb energy.

Now that you understand the principles, we can move on to the more tangible. A portable air conditioner is a box that allows you to cool the bedroom in the summer or heat the living room in the winter.

Challenge with emitted heat

Those found on the market today have a couple of major weaknesses. The first major weakness is that they have both evaporator and condenser in one and the same box. Usually this happens via a pipe of around 150mm in diameter. This pipe will emit heat while the hot air is dumped out of the room. You therefore lose a good deal of cooling capacity that goes into cooling down the hot air that is going out!

The other negative thing is that you have to have a pipe to dump the heat. This pipe must have a hole, or an opening, which in turn means that the heat gets another chance to sneak in. It doesn’t look particularly nice to have a pipe lying around either.

Challenges with Condensation

When air is cooled, water will precipitate. Water that is naturally in the air is precipitated just like on an air dryer. In fact, an air dryer is nothing more than an evaporator in a cooling process.

They are, of course, specially optimized to precipitate water, in that the evaporator is undersized so that the temperature difference between the evaporator and the air is as large as possible.

Not all manufacturers of portable air conditioning have thought of this. This means that you will have a challenge with precipitated water, and not just a little water either. It can be bucket loads if the conditions are right.

Challenges with noise

You often find that portable air conditioning makes a lot of noise. This makes them totally unsuitable for bedrooms, or offices for that matter. They often have a steady major that comes from the compressor.

Rent portable air conditioning solutions

There are portable air conditioning solutions that avoid much of what has just been mentioned. The way this is done is to imitate a fixed heat pump, in the sense that you have an outdoor part and an indoor part.

They often have a much larger capacity, are more flexible in terms of placement, have a longer throw distance of the air, etc. With an integrated condensation pump and hose system to transport the condensation out, such solutions are light years ahead.

We have rental portable air conditioning solutions for rough conditions, such as industry, process plants.

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