Renting steam systems to industry

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Steam systems are used to generate and distribute steam for various purposes in industrial and commercial settings. The steam can be used for processes such as food production, textiles, paper, and chemicals, as well as heating and humidifying buildings.


Rental of steam systems

A steam system consists of several components, including a heat source, a steam-generating unit, and a distribution system to deliver the steam to desired areas. The heat source can be a coal or gas-fired power plant, an electric heater, or a heat pump. The steam-generating unit can be a boiler or a steam generator. The distribution system may consist of pipes and valves to regulate the flow of steam.


Multiple types of systems

There are several different types of steam systems, such as condensate or non-condensate systems, high-pressure or low-pressure systems.

Condensate systems are designed to recover heat from the steam by condensing it back to water, which can reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. Non-condensate systems may be more suitable for processes that require higher temperatures. A condensate or non-condensate system refers to whether the steam in the system can condense into liquid or not. A condensate system is designed to condense the steam back into liquid, while a non-condensate system does not have this ability.

High-pressure systems are designed to generate high-pressure steam, while low-pressure systems generate low-pressure steam. A high-pressure system is a system where the pressure is higher than the surroundings, while a low-pressure system has lower pressure than the surroundings. High-pressure systems are often used in condensate systems to increase the condensing temperature and thereby increase efficiency. Low-pressure systems are often used in non-condensate systems to reduce energy consumption.

There are also combinations of these, such as a condensate system at high pressure or a non-condensate system at low pressure. The choice of system type depends on the application and what is most economical and energy-efficient in the specific case.



Maintenance of a steam system is important to ensure reliable operation and increase the lifespan of the system. This may include inspecting and cleaning the components, as well as performing periodic maintenance work. It is also important to comply with applicable safety requirements and perform regular safety checks.


Renting steam systems

Renting a steam system can be a good solution for businesses that need to generate steam for shorter periods or to test whether a suitable system is available for the operation. Steam is an important factor in many industrial processes, such as food production, textiles, paper, and chemicals. The steam system can also be used for heating and humidifying buildings.



There are several benefits to renting a steam system.

Firstly, the company avoids investing in expensive fixed systems, which can be costly to maintain and upgrade. Instead, one can rent a system that is tailored to the specific need and in line with the latest technological developments.

Another advantage is that one can rent a steam system for shorter periods, such as in connection with seasonal production or increased demand. This way, one avoids having a system that is unused during periods of low demand.

At Energy Rent, we have been supplying steam systems to industrial projects for over 10 years. We have extensive experience in rental, and we can offer maintenance and good service throughout the rental period. Renting a steam system provides flexibility and allows the company to adapt the system to the specific need without investing in fixed systems.

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