Rental of heating, cooling or ventilation for sports facilities.

Whether it is football pitches, sports halls or other arenas, it is important to have the right temperature and good track conditions for playing sports, activities and sports.

Energy Rent are specialists in heating, cooling and ventilation.

We are very flexible and can adapt solutions according to your needs. We also take on urgent assignments.

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Football pitches that are open in winter

There is a big need to keep football pitches open in winter. Generally, underheating is used to keep the football pitch free of frost through the winter. To remove the snow, a snowblower or similar is used.

In several projects, Energy Rent has supplied mobile central heating units for under-heating football pitches. If it is urgent, please contact us. We are ready to help you.

Sports halls

Whether it’s large sports halls, facilities or smaller multi-purpose halls, we have the solutions that ensure the right temperature and fresh air.

We supply complete modules for heating, cooling or ventilation that are ready for use.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

Energy Rent supplies solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation that are fossil-free and emission-free.

Sports facilities are one of the building categories that use the most energy, according to Enovas Bygningsstatistikk. We can help deliver solutions that are both energy efficient, environmentally friendly and that can keep costs down.


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Heating, cooling and ventilation for sports facilities

Multipurpose hallS

Artificial soccer field

Sports halls

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Vi er spesialister på varme, kjøling og ventilasjon, og finner løsningene som dekker ditt behov.

Ready-to-go solutions

Komplette ferdige konteinere for utleie, klar til bruk. Du trenger ikke å investere i eget utstyr.

Environmentally friendly

Has solutions that are both emission-free and fossil-free.

Delivery everywhere in Norway

We deliver quickly to all parts of Norway.

Support 24/7/365

We are ready to help you. We take all urgent assignments. Dispatch of equipment is immediate. We help you all the way.

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We take care of maintenance and service of the equipment. Sit back and relax.

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