Steam boilers for multiple occasions

Steam boilers

Steam boilers are units that produce high-pressure water vapor through heating water. The water can be heated in various ways, including by burning natural gas, oil, or coal. Steam from the boiler can be used in power plants, the paper industry, and for heating.

Steam systems are often critical and maintain operations in various industries such as dairy, refineries, and hospitals. A mobile steam boiler can, therefore, be essential in the case of accidents, unexpected or planned shutdowns.

Planned shutdowns are often scheduled in advance and usually follow a plan. It is crucial to maintain planned shutdowns, particularly in the refining industry, to avoid unexpected shutdowns. The refining industry was established in Norway at the beginning of the 1900s and has since grown in tandem with the increasing oil consumption. We also have expertise and highly skilled personnel who can perform service on existing equipment.


Flexible solutions with a large product inventory

We have a wide and large product inventory, which allows us to customize flexible solutions for the rental of mobile steam boilers. The steam boilers are ready for quick delivery and independent use, in addition to which water treatment plants and external tank systems can be included. We have steam boilers from 400 kg/h to over 16,000 kg/h that can be quickly delivered and installed and are flexible in use. Energy Rent has a large network of solid partners.

Utleie dampkjel

Rental of Steam Boilers

We offer rental of mobile steam boilers for customers who need temporary or additional capacity. Mobile steam boilers may be necessary in case of unforeseen events or planned shutdowns. Our mobile steam boilers provide customers with a flexible and efficient solution to maintain operations. We have the ability to deliver mobile steam boilers in different sizes and quantities, and our experienced team can help customers find the best solution for their specific needs.



Our mobile steam boilers use a burner to heat the water and release steam for processes. We can equip the steam boilers with feedwater pumps and storage tanks so that continuous water supply ensures the correct amount of steam for projects. Our mobile steam boilers have safety valves that prevent the boiler from exploding if the pressure becomes too high. They are easy and safe to use.


Experience and Equipment with Mobile Steam Boilers

Energy Rent has extensive experience in renting mobile steam boilers. Our staff has in-depth knowledge of steam boilers and can help customers with the installation and setup of equipment. We also have the ability to deliver customized mobile steam boilers for special uses, such as steam boilers used to generate steam for food production.

In 2017, we delivered a steam system that produced seven tons of steam per hour to a major refinery. We have also delivered to smaller projects, where we have delivered equipment in the form of steam systems for testing industrial dehumidifiers. We have the ability to deliver the size and quantity required to meet your needs precisely.


Environmentally friendly alternatives

We also have a strong environmental awareness and offer environmentally friendly alternatives to our customers. Our mobile steam boilers can be equipped with environmentally friendly burners that reduce emissions of harmful gases and ensure that customers comply with environmental regulations. We also offer energy-efficient mobile steam boilers that can help customers reduce energy costs while maintaining high productivity.


Support and Training

We also offer comprehensive training and support to our customers to ensure that they can use our steam systems safely and efficiently. Our experienced technicians can help with the installation and setup of mobile steam boilers, as well as offer training and technical support to ensure that customers can operate the equipment safely and efficiently.


Customized solutions for steam boilers

Energy Rent offers customized solutions to meet customers’ needs. We can deliver mobile steam boilers in different sizes and capacities, and our experienced team can help customers find the most cost-effective and efficient solution for their specific needs. We also have the ability to deliver customized mobile steam boilers for our focus on quality and safety means that we always ensure that our products and services are in compliance with applicable standards and regulations. We are committed to offering environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions to our customers and can provide advice and guidance on how to reduce energy consumption and costs.

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