Rental of heating, cooling and ventilation for warehouses


Energy Rent AS are experts in renting temporary varme, cooling and ventilation system. We know temperature and help you with the right solutions for fast and effective results. Storage is a large industry in Norway that many people may not think about. It stores everything from meat and fish products to beverages and other dry and long-life goods. Stock goods require a stable and correct temperature in order to maintain quality and durability.

Cooling of the distribution centers

Distribution is a pillar of the Norwegian society. From those warehouses, fish and meat products and fresh beverages, as well as other grocery products, are sent out on a daily basis.

Energy Rent can provide the right equipment in a short time to help keep the temperature under control. That way you can keep the wheels turning and the quality of the goods is maintained.


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Temporary Storage

Being able to control the temperature is essential for every successful warehouse. With the help of Energy Rent, it is possible to set up temporary storage to take away seasonal industries. With the correct temperature, customers can extend the season, increase quality and thus increase profits.



We were contacted by a large player in Norway, when their cooling system broke down. In record time, we set up a cooling/freezing system. The customer was expecting large quantities of goods, which could cause major challenges, as the customer had a defective cooling system. We then provided everything from cooling machines, fan coils, hoses and generators

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One the leading in Norway

Energy Rent is one of Norway’s leading companies in temporary heating and cooling. We offer solutions tailored to your needs, and ensure that the temperature satisfies your wishes. We have extensive experience with both heating, cooling and ventilation.


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